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Moral damage refers to the effects that a person suffers to their feelings, affections, beliefs, decency, honour, reputation, private life, physical aspect and appearance, or the regard in which they are held by others. When moral damage is caused, the person responsible shall be obliged to repair the damage by means of financial compensation, independent of whether material damage has been caused. The most common types of moral damage in our country are: medical negligence, motor accidents, bullying, and damage arising from sexual abuse and rape.

CRUZ ABREGO CONSORCIO JURIDICO is a pioneer in moral damages for defective products, representing various north-American firms to continue proceedings initiated in the United States of America or furthering claims that arose in our country.

Cruz Abrego

At Cruz Abrego, we have specialised lawyers that can advise you on any case that you are involved in before both local and federal tribunals of Mexico City and the metropolitan area.

We will support you in all proceedings arising from a contractual real estate lease agreement, such as preliminary proceedings, voluntary jurisdictions, rescission and termination of contract. At CRUZ ABREGO, we have specialised in representing lessors for more than twenty-five years, providing representation in more than two hundred cases per year, with a success rate of over 95%.

We provide representation in any type of case related to the purchase of real estate requiring performance of the contract or its rescission.

Foreclosure. Our mission is to demand repayment of mortgage loans owed, we take care of banking books, seeking judicial and extrajudicial collections with the best terms for our clients.

Limitation cases can arise to free oneself of an obligation, which generally concerns payment. They can also be used to acquire a property by means of continuous possession for more than five years in a peaceful, public manner and in the capacity of owner, thereby obtaining a judgement which determines our client as owner of the property.

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